signature services

Signature Services


Ultimate Back Massage Remedy

60 min $70

Melt away back, shoulder, neck and scalp tension with a heat infused, warm mud treatment, inducing deep relaxation. Treatment includes back exfoliation. Moore mud followed up with an aroma therapy infused massage. Ahhhh ...


Cold Stone Therapy

60 min $80

Migraine Headaches. A natural and holistic method to manage migraine and headache pain of all kinds. This treatment can eliminate or dramatically reduce most headache symptoms. The synergy of cold stone combined with pressure point therapy and customized aromatherapy blends helps decrease pain and blood vessel swelling, also increases muscle tone. It promotes well-being, balance and harmony within the body.


Injury-Specific Remedy

75 min $105 / 10% discount with purchase of 3 sessions

This localized treatment is designed to target your acute or chronic injury. A variety of techniques may be used: deep tissue massage, hot & cold stone therapy, joint mobilization, active isolated stretching, myofascial release, trigger point therapy. This is NOT a full body massage. Session time includes evaluation and assessment. Common injuries treated: repetitive stress, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, strains/sprains, plants falsities, TMJ, neck and back injuries.