restoring balance

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Rejoice in simplicity. Breathe. Hold a space for yourself. Invigorate your senses. Take time to relax.


Welcome! Whether you are seeking to gain a sense of well-being or need assistance with pain management, massage therapy is an effective tool for soothing achy muscles, managing chronic pain, and calming the Mind, Body & Spirit.

Therapeutic massage allows your body to relax, rejuvenate, and heal. It alleviates chronic muscular pain/discomfort. It reduces unhealthy stress and tension. It mitigates migraines and prevents recurring headaches. It can help ease chronic health issues.


“I am dedicated to supporting you in restoring balance to your life.”



Calm your body and mind. Experience tranquility. Eliminate dis-ease.


The Wellnest Holistic Massage is located at 240 Main Street in Oldtown Salinas. The space is private, calm and soothing.

All sessions include a 15 minute wellness consultation. Services are customized for each individual. Visit the Services link for the massage menu. Modalities include Deep Relaxation Remedy, Therapeutic Remedy, Deep Tissue Remedy ... and Signature Services: Ultimate Back Massage, Cold Stone Therapy and Injury-Specific Remedy.

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