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Deep Relaxation Remedy

30 mins $40  60 mins $70  90 mins $95


Experience tranquility. Classic Swedish techniques and gentle stretching are employed in a way that calms the body and allows the mind to join in unison, achieving a state of peace. Relaxing music, warm aromatic organic oils and hot towels deepen the relaxation experience.


Therapeutic Remedy

30 mins  $45  60 mins $80  90 mins $105

Eliminate dis-ease. This session is suggested for those looking for a middle ground. If you prefer firm pressure without the intensity of deep tissue work, yet have some areas of tension that need to be relieved in order to allow your body to move with greater ease - this massage is ideal. This session is custom-tailored for each individual, using a combination of techniques and focusing on areas of need - working from head to toe.


Deep Tissue Remedy

30 min $50  60 min $90  90 min $115

Deep tissue work is a focused modality used to relieve chronic pain, discomfort and muscle tension. By incorporating techniques such as deep transverse friction (breaking up scare tissue), myofacial release (releasing bound muscle fascia), along with deep, slow pressure - deep tissue can often increase mobility and decrease pain from structural imbalances. A series of sessions is often recommended for optimal results.